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Smart pet feeding dispenser

Smart pet feeding dispenser

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Target Species Cat, Dog
Special Feature Timer, Voice Recording, Nonslip
Breed Recommendation Small Breeds


About this item

  • 1. Capacity: The capacity of a smart pet feeder is very important. A good feeder should choose the appropriate capacity according to the size of the pet and the amount of food. It can provide enough food for the pet, avoid overeating, and reduce the probability of problems such as stuck feeders.
  • 2. Accuracy: Smart pet feeders need to accurately control food distribution and feeding times. A good feeder should have a high-precision metering and intelligent control system to ensure the accurate distribution of food and the balanced nutrition of pets.
  • 3. Programmable: A good smart pet feeder should have programmable functions, which can be fed regularly or quantitatively according to the feeding needs or living habits of pets, and can also be carefully controlled according to the special nutritional needs of pets to improve the feeding quality.
  • 4. User friendliness: Smart pet feeders need to be simple and easy to use for pet owners to control and manage. A good feeder should have an intuitive interface and easy to understand procedures, so that pet owners can easily adjust the parameters of the feeder.
  • 5. Safety: The smart pet feeder needs to be safe and stable to ensure the health and life safety of pets. A good feeder should be made of high quality materials, reliable electronic parts, prevent electricity leakage, avoid jams, avoid noise, and provide anti-slip measures for special small pets.


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