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5 In 1 Wireless Charger Stand Pad For iPhone

5 In 1 Wireless Charger Stand Pad For iPhone

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Introducing our New Upgrade Version of the multi-device charging stand. While it doesn't come with an Apple Watch charger, it offers a dedicated space for you to fit your original watch charger effortlessly. This stand boasts a quick charger upgrade and a dual output port – both USB and Type-C. It's versatile, being compatible with all Airpods Pro and Apple watches. Its design includes a special Apple watch holder ensuring efficient charging. One of its most notable features is its broad compatibility; this smart charging station integrates a qi fast wireless charger with a 3-connector base, catering to devices from iWatch and Airpods to iPhones, Samsungs, and various Android phones. The rotating 360° connectors base supports iPhone, Android Type-C, and Micro-USB phones. With a capacity to fast charge up to 15W, the stand ensures rapid charging for fast-enabled devices. Safety is paramount with our product, as its multi-protect technology offers a shield against over-charging, current surges, and voltage spikes. Its user-friendly design requires you only to insert your iWatch charger; every other connector is built-in, promising a clutter-free desk. The charger stand comes in two classic colors - black and white. In the box, you'll find the wireless charger stand, equipped with a USB cable, and an Apple Watch holder. Please note: for the best fast-charging experience, use a QC 3.0 power adapter or above 18W. Make sure to fit the charging cords snugly and consider removing bulky phone cases for the most efficient charging.


We want to make sure every single on our customers is 100% certified with our product. So if there's any issues at all, we offer a replacement or refund within the first 30 days of usage


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