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Touchscreen car stereo

Touchscreen car stereo

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Brand Efflemour
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB
Controller Type Push Button, Mechanical knob
Special Feature Touchscreen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Phone Mirror-Link, Bluetooth 5.1
Compatible Devices IOS, Android phones
Connector Type RCA, USB 2.0
Audio Output Mode Stereo Surround
Video encoding H263/H264/H265/DIVX HD(720P 1080I 1080P)AVI/FLV/MKV/MPEG/MP4/WMV9/VC/ASF/TS/QT
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.4 x 1.97 x 3.23 inches
Output Power 240 Watts


About this item

  • 🚘 Compatible with Apple Carplay & Android Auto: Just connect with your smart phone that make it possible for you to access map navigation, phone contacts, email, notification, allowing you to make phone calls, navigate, play music with the help of Siri or Google voice assistant. Make you safer from having to look down at your phone while driving.
  • 🚘 Phone Mirror-Link: Support "stereo-phone interconnection" with most cellphones. Through mirror-link, the car stereo will display the content from your cellphone screen synchronously such as maps, movies, games.
  • 🚘 Bluetooth 5.1 & Enhanced Listening Experience: Answer your important phone calls without distracting your attention from the road with our stereo which features a hands-free bluetooth system, allowing for easy smartphone pairing ( built-in clear mic)! Wireless audio stream via bluetooth provides a stable connectivity to your smartphone or bluetooth device, Efflemour brings you a superior music listening experience!
  • 🚘 Reversing Image Function: Equipped with a unique 12 LEDs wick reversing camera, bringing you clearer night vision distance. The 5-inch touchscreen will automatically display the reverse image once you put the car into reverse gear. Make your daily reversing safer.
  • 🚘 Upgraded Full Touch Screen: Compared with resistive screen on other stereos, Efflemour capacitive screen solution has higher sensitivity and accuracy. Meanwhile, the traditional physical buttons are cancelled and the full touch solution comes on stage. It greatly enhances the human-computer interaction experience. You can now feel the silky smooth operation feel on the car screen! The professionally tuned HD LCD screen bringing you an excellent visual experience.

Product Description

5 Inch Single Din Car Stereo Built-in Apple CarPlay / Android Auto / Mirror-Link, Touchscreen Radio with Bluetooth 5.1 Handsfree & 12LED Backup Camera


Apple Carplay:

Carplay is a car-computer interaction system specially customized for IOS device by Apple.

After connecting your iPhone to our stereo via the original USB-Lighting cable, you can enjoy Apps from your phone such as navigation, phone call, music, radio, etc. on the 5 inch stereo touch screen.

You can directly send various voice commands to Siri such as "call mom", "what's the weather tomorrow?"

The best advantage of Carplay is that your phone screen and the stereo screen work completely independently without being affected by each other. In other words, the two screens display completely different content.

The charm of Carplay is that once you experience it, you can never leave it again!


Android Auto:

Android Auto is a car-computer interconnection system specially created by Google for Android phones.

Connect your Android phone and the stereo through the original USB data cable, then you can operate various Apps customized for car stereo through the 5-inch touch screen. Similar to Carplay, your phone screen can still work independently.

Android Auto directly turns your stereo into a smart large-screen touch device, and all applications are customized for car stereo, which is simple and convenient to control that makes your driving much safer.

Google Voice Assistant is also online at any time, ready to assist you in making calls, sending messages, etc.


Phone Mirror-Link:

Unlike Carplay or Android Auto, the Mirror-Link function will directly project your phone screen to the car stereo.

Any content on the phone will be synchronized in real time to the 5-inch stereo screen.

In the Mirror-Link state, you can share movies, games, maps, etc. from your mobile phone to your family in the car through the stereo screen.

160C CAM

12-led HD Waterproof Backup Camera:

Equipped with a unique 12-LED wick reversing camera, bringing you clearer and longer night vision distance.

The 5-inch touch screen will automatically display the reverse image once you put the car into reverse gear which makes your daily parking safer.

The carplay stereo will suspend other functions such as radio, music when in reverse mode to make you focus on your parking.


Bluetooth 5.1 Handsfree:

Built-in dual channel Bluetooth 5.1 chip with higher specification that makes bluetooth signal more stable.

When the car stereo is paired with your phone via Bluetooth, you can make smooth hands-free calls, music playback and control.

Driving is now safer and more convenient.

More Unique Features:


1. FHD IPS Touchscreen:

Features a customized 5'' Full HD IPS capacitive touchscreen. Compared with other LCD or TN screens, it has better viewing angle and touch sensitivity. Provide you with an incredible visual experience. You can now feel the silky smooth operation feel on the car screen!

2. Enhanced FM Radio:

Built-in high-performance 8035FM radio chip which brings stronger FM signal: FM87.5-108MHz. Smooth and stable channels can still be obtained even in remote areas or in bad weather conditions.

3. Steering Wheel Control:

Support the original steering wheel control function in your car. Connect the SWC cable reserved in you car to the brown cable from the stereo hareness. Conveniently switch your songs/ volumes/ calls by the steering wheel which will greatly enhance your driving safety.

4. 7 Color LED Backlight:

The 7 color LED backlight switches automatically and you can also select and fix one favorite color in the radio settings at any time(Blue/Green/Cyan/Red/Magenta /Yellow/White/Auto).

160C list

Warm Tips Before Purchase:

1. This car stereo works with 12-14.4V DC voltage, Max 15A. Please check your car power supply before installation since a short circuit may happen when applied to different car power supply.

2. Make sure to do insulation steps to ensure that the positive and negative poles of the power cord do not touch each other, so as to avoid short circuits or other safety incidents.

3. This carplay stereo is not a GPS device. It synchronizes and displays the navigation from your cellphone by USB connection(Carplay/Android Auto/Mirrorlink).

4. Installation size: 7.01 inch width * 2.05 inch height. For more assistance on wiring or installation, please reach us by "write to seller" at any time. We will always be responsible for your order.

Package List:

  • 1* 5.1 inch Single Din Car Stereo
  • 1* 12-led backup camera
  • 1* Camera extension cable
  • 2* Power harness
  • 1* Remote control (without batteries)
  • 1* User manual

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