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DreamsRelief Cooling Blanket

DreamsRelief Cooling Blanket

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Introducing this innovative Cool-to-the-Touch blanket - the perfect solution for those seeking a refreshing sleep during the hot summer nights. Crafted from a unique double-sided cooling fabric, this blanket is exceptionally cool to the touch, soft, and smooth. Its ultra-thin fibers form capillary-like structures that efficiently absorb and disperse moisture, fostering a dry and temperature-balanced sleeping environment for optimal comfort. Non-toxic, eco-friendly, and pet-friendly, this blanket ensures a healthy sleep experience for you and offers a comfortable lounging surface for your pets. Additionally, its ease of care is a standout feature - simply machine wash on a cold, gentle cycle and tumble dry low. Please note, this is not an electric product, and for enhanced cooling effect during hot seasons, it's recommended to use in an air-conditioned room.

This blanket makes you cool and comfortable

   unique double-sided cooling fabric, cool to the touch, soft, and smooth.

. Non-toxic, eco-friendly, and pet-friendly

           it's a ease of care ,Simply wash and dry

We want to make sure every single on our customers is100% certified with our product. So if there's any issues at all, we offer a replacement or refund within the first 30 days of usage.

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