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Rechargeable High LED Lumens Flashlight: 200000 Lumen

Rechargeable High LED Lumens Flashlight: 200000 Lumen

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Special Feature Long Range, High Power, Adjustable Light Modes, Impact Resistant, Rechargeable
Color Black
Power Source Battery Powered
Light Source Type LED
Material Aluminum



About this item

  • 200000 HIGH LUMENS FLASHLIGHTS: Rechargeable high lumens flashlights are equipped with ultra-bright LED chips, capable of emitting 200000 lumens on the highest power setting, its irradiation distance can reach 5000 ft. Everything around you and almost all of your field of view can be turned into daylight. This bright flashlight consists of the main light and working light to achieve two types of illumination. It can be easily used in various situations such as camping or hunting.
  • USB INPUT & OUTPUT PORTS: The built-in USB input port makes it easy to charge the rechargeable flashlight with the included USB cable, while the USB output port allows the flashlights to be used as a backup mobile power source for your phone and other devices. The four blue lights above the switch each represent about 25% of the power, making it easy to keep track of your charge. (Note: Please make sure their voltage is under 5V, Otherwise it will damage your led flashlight.)
  • 7 LIGHTING MODES & EASY OPERATION: Super bright flashlight has 3 main light modes:(high, medium, strobe), Suitable for emergencies, camping, hunting, etc. Quickly press the on/off button twice to switch to the 4 sidelights modes (high, medium, red light, red flashing light), which can be used as a work light or warning light. The powerful flashlights easily switch between 7 lighting modes with a single button. Easy to use even for those who are not good with machines.
  • IPX6 WATERPROOF & STRONG ALUMINUM ALLOY: The body part of the high powered flashlight is made of aviation aluminum alloy, which can withstand the impact of falling from a height of 10 inches and is durable. Equipped with IPX6 waterproof technology, it is easy to use even in heavy rain or snowy days. The brightest flashlight comes with a 5000mAh rechargeable ΒATTERY, which can work for 10 hours in low mode. A wonderful emergency flashlight for hurricane season, and power outages.
  • WARRANTY SERVICE: SKNSL flashlight team offers 60 days return for exchange or refund and a 2-year warranty. We provide lifetime customer service and tech support. if you would have any questions about the led flashlights, we will try our best to make things right for you feel free to contact us. We focus on each customer's experience and look forward to your choice.

What's in the box

  • 1x Powerful Rechargeable Flashlights
  • 1x Rechargeable ΒATTERY
  • 1x ΒATTERY tubes
  • 1x AAA ΒATTERY holders
  • 1x Flashlight holster



    ・The led flashlight has 3 main light modes (high/medium/strobe) and 4 sidelights modes (high/medium/red light/red flashing light). Suitable for a variety of environments.

    ・Press the switch twice quickly to turn on the sidelights. In any mode long-press the switch 2-3 seconds to directly turn it off. Control everything with one tap, convenience is reachable!

    flashlights high lumens

    ・With the included USB charging cable, you can use any USB port (such as a power bank, car socket, computer, laptop, etc) to charge the flashlight. A full charge takes about 4-6 hours.

    ・Through USB output design, the rechargeable flashlights can be used to charge the mobile phone, earphones, and other devices electronic digital goods. Serve as A power bank!

    ・The power indicator can display accurate flashlight power, each of the 4 blue LEDs presents 25% of the whole power capacity. Giving you up-to-date on power status.

    rechargeable flashlights
    led flashlight

    flashlights high lumens rechargeable

    bright flashlight


    ・Do not illuminate the eyes directly to avoid hurting your eyes.

    ・In use, turn off the flashlight when the brightness changes significantly to avoid over-discharge. Please do not completely drain all the power before charging, otherwise, may not be charged.

    When the flashlight is in use, it is necessary to ensure heat dissipation! When the flashlight is lit, it should dissipate heat or turn it off in time according to the fever, and use it after the temperature has dropped.

    ・When fully charged, it is recommended to use the low light mode first, which can prolong the service life of the product.

    ・Keep the inner wall of the lampshade clean, do not wipe with your hands and hard things, and use cotton swabs and professional tools to wipe the fingerprint on the lens.

    ・We recommended using a USB interface to Čharge the flashlights. If you must use the Wall Čharger to Čharge the flashlight, please make sure their v0ltage is under 5V, otherwise, it will damage your flashlight.

    ・If not used for a long time, it should be fully charged and stored in a cool place. Charge and discharge it again in about two months to prevent it from being left for too long, completely dead, and affecting charging.



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